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Do you have a child enrolled in our schools?

If you are the parent or guardian of a non-Catholic child registered in a Saskatchewan Catholic school, you may have heard about the Theodore Case and may be wondering what it means for you and your family.

Below are answers to some common questions, and here is some background information and news. If you need more information or have other questions, feel free to contact us.


  Theodore Case Fact Sheet

Common Questions and Answers

If my non-Catholic children are already enrolled in a Saskatchewan Catholic School, do I need to move them out?

No. Families of non-Catholic children currently enrolled in our schools do not need to worry about finding a new public school, nor do parents who want to enrol for the school year starting in the fall. The Government of Saskatchewan has announced that it will continue to fund non-Catholic students in Catholic schools no matter the court decision.

Are non-Catholic children allowed to enrol in Saskatchewan Catholic schools?

Yes, anyone interested in Catholic education is welcome at our schools. We inform parents of non-Catholic children what they will be taught about our faith, and expectations of participation will be discussed. We believe parents should be able to make an informed decision about what’s best for their children.

Before enrolling children, do you screen to determine if they’re Catholic or not?

Our registration forms have an area to identify if the student is Catholic or not, and there’s an area for parents to indicate their faith background. If they are not Catholic, we will meet with the family to give them the information they need to determine if a Catholic education is what they want for their children.

Are we Catholic enough to enroll in your schools?

We’re open to any family who wants a Catholic, faith-based education for their children. So, it’s up to you.

How do you accommodate non-Catholic students in your schools?

It is an expectation that students attend and participate in the religious elements of Catholic education since these experiences are core to what we offer. Faith is a very personal thing, so we will not force students to recite a prayer, for example. But we will encourage them to learn about the Catholic faith in class and participate in events at a level at which they are comfortable.

Can non-Catholic children attend the school but not participate in the religious parts?

We couldn’t do this if we tried. Catholic education means that Catholic Christian values and teachings are fully integrated in all aspects of learning in our schools. It’s like enrolling your children in French immersion and asking the school to keep them out of the “French parts.” If you are open to Catholic education, and want this experience for your child, our doors are open to you.

What’s at stake if the court ruling stands or is left unchecked by the Government of Saskatchewan?

Parents across Saskatchewan are relieved that the Saskatchewan Government has already committed to maintaining the current approach to funding non-Catholic students in Catholic schools. If the court’s decision was upheld, or left unchecked by the Saskatchewan Government, it would:

  • Deny the right of Catholic schools to admit non-Catholic students.
  • Threaten the ability of parents to choose where their children learn.
  • Limit the education options of non-Catholic parents for their children.
  • Force non-Catholic parents to fund the costs of their children’s education if they choose to enrol in a Catholic school
  • Displace several thousand students and their families across Saskatchewan.
  • Force Catholic school boards to discriminate based on religion.

Support the ability of parents to choose where their children learn.

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